iOS 15’s Custom Product Pages and Product Page Optimization are Officially Launched.

This month Apple has released two important features for App Store Optimization (ASO) and User Acquisition (UA) that the mobile marketers have been waiting for a long time. These two new features are the Custom Product Pages (CPPs) and also the Product Page Optimization (PPO).

Custom Product Pages (CPPs) allow you to create different versions of your App Store product page, each of them highlighting a feature or specific content, then you can use this unique URL in your marketing efforts. As announced previously, you’ll be able to create up to 35 Custom Product Pages for each app.

custom product pages apple

For each CPP, you can customize the screenshots, promotional text, and app preview for any of your page’s localizations This will mean that when a user land on your Custom Product Page they will view a localized Custom Product Page unique variant with the custom assets you created. Once this CPP is created you will receive a unique URL that you can use in your marketing campaigns as a landing page. Apple Search Ads will also support the CCPs at the beginning of 2022, which will enable Advertisers to create different landing pages according to the keywords groups they are focusing on. All the data from your Custom Product Pages performance will be shown on App Store Connect. Metrics such as product page views, first-time downloads, redownloads, retention…

Product Pages Optimization (PPO) are basically a/b tests that you can perform in your store. You can test your product page screenshots, app preview videos, and icons. The only A/B that needs a new app to be submitted to the store is the icons one, all other assets can be tested without the need for an app update. It’s important to remark that only iOS 15 users will be able to see the PPO tests. At the moment the adoption of the iOS 15 is around 56% but still growing each month.

product pages optimization

You can set up three different treatments for each A/B test and you can also choose the proportion of your overall traffic that gets to these tests and the proportion goes to your original app page.

The release of these two features is really going to change how app marketers build their app store, how they test it, and also how they structure their user acquisition strategy. In the end, it all comes to building the right message to the right audience, and fortunately, Apple now is providing great tools for app developers to do that. Creating a tailor-made page for different types of users can be a game-changer in user acquisition, 2022 promises great things for users and app developers.